Embroidery is becoming an increasingly popular way to decorate shirts. The big advantage to embroidery – besides providing a more professional look – is the ease of set up for multi colored logos.

Prices in embroidery are based on the size of the logo not how many colors are in it. So, for companies who have a multi-color logo, embroidery is often the way to go.

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TheEmbroidery Process

All designs that are to be embroidered first need to be digitized. Essentially this means that someone needs to redraw the design stitch by stitch so that the embroidery machine knows how and where to put each stitch. The first time digitizing usually costs $40 for a standard left chest or cap front logo. But remember, you only pay this the first time.

The digitized logo is the loaded in to the embroidery machine and colors are assigned to each needle. A sample sew out is done on a piece of sample fabric for customer approval.

Each garment is then hooped individually and loaded onto the machine. The design is then embroidered onto the garment. Our machines are capable of sewing over 1,000 stitches per minute! The average design is around 9,000 stitches and takes about 10 minutes to completely sew out.

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