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Screen printing, or silk screening, is the art of applying a design to a garment with permanent inks, one color at a time through a fine mesh which is stretched tightly in a wooden or metal frame.

Here in our Colorado Springs workshop, we have three manual presses for smaller jobs as well as two automatic presses that can print over 500 shirts an hour!

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The Screen Printing Process

The screen printing process starts in the art room. After our award winning artists help you create the perfect design, your design is sent to the screen room where it is color separated. The color separation process involves singling out each color in the design and using a state of the art imager to apply it to the screen. Each screen is coated with a special light-sensitive emulsion and different textures of mesh are used for different jobs. The screen is then exposed to a high power UV light, or “burned” and then carefully rinsed with water.

Each screen is then mounted on the press and lined up by hand. Ink is then pulled across the screen with a squeegee – either by hand on a manual press or with hydraulics on the larger automatic presses. It is very important to maintain a constant pressure and angle on the squeegees so that each shirt comes out exactly the same.

The shirts are then sent through a conveyor belt dryer to heat cure the ink to the shirt. At the end of the dryer, the shirts are stacked, folded and counted and ready for you to take home!

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